Assessment & Test Cases

Personality type assessments
As part of the recruiting process our we offer the use of the personality type assessment tool from the acknowledged agency People Test Systems. We are certified in analysing and assessing the results of the test reports and to manage the following interview with the candidate – typically taking place at the client’s as part of the final interview.

Personalities are fluid and it is important to regard the analyses as a conversational tool rather than an end result. Rather, consider the report an opportunity to discuss personality traits that may be surprising to the candidate, that give perspective to how management should support their new employee, how the collaboration with the team may span out, the candidate’s ability to learn, etc. In our experience, a topic of importance usually come up that leads to a deeper, more personal conversation – it is rare however, that a candidate is turned down because of the test.

A tailored interview test case

When assessing the professional and academic competence of a candidate, a test case can be useful. We can help develop a customised case for technical testing, marketing and finance – in collaboration with you, naturally.

The case can be conducted at the first interview with us or as part of the second interview with the client, and it can be with our without preparation from the applicant’s part.
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