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What is important in a recruitment partnership?
For us transparency, speediness and a building a personal relationship are key principles in our approach to a collaboration. We give the market’s best terms: always 6 months guarantee despite the reason for the resignation with no extra cost for you but advertisement expenses.

When you choose us as your recruitment partner, we are in it for a long-term business relationship, simply because it makes sense – for us and for you and your organisation.

We act as an extension of our clients’ network meaning that we can introduce you to relevant profiles without starting a formal process.

In practice that means we focus on dialogue and meetings in person instead of strict, bureaucratic processes; we prefer a phone call rather than lengthy emails.
It means that we have a shared interest in finding the right people for your team, and that we are here to consult on and discuss candidates in process – as well as the challenges your company may face when looking to onboard a specific type of profile.

We have more than a decade’s experience in working with a range of organisations and company profiles as a strategic and dedicated recruiting partner, and a sound sense of business, requirements and company culture.

Please contact us for more information about remuneration and services.

The recruitment process

We customize the recruitment process to fit your needs and manage the entire process from the very beginning till a contract is signed. We are your trusted advisor and due to our market insights we can help you in assessing the candidate availability, salaries and competencies with differing types of profiles.

Employee retention is a top priority and it is important to discuss the pros and cons of the candidates throughout the process. Depending on the case, your requirements and expectations you may expect a time frame of one to three months.

References & previous cases

Over the years we have helped fill vacancies and with a number of clients and a variety of positions. The denominator is the ability to help across the organisation because we understand company culture, personal connection with the teams and management. Many of our clients work in the tech and software industry, but with highly differentiated end customers, solutions, products and services.

Some of our references and previous cases: Getinge Cetrea, Arotek, Max Manus, Billetten, KvalitetsIT, Mindway AI, Danske Commodities, RPC, Mogens De Linde, Astrocytia, Bytelab, Homag, GD Powernet, Sjølund A/S & MyGarage A/S

Partners & Network

A selection of current partners. Please add us to your LinkedIn network if you would like to see our connections with relevant profiles.
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